My name is Peter Stensgaard. I am 27 years old and currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally I come from the other side of Denmark, from a city in Jutland called Herning. I moved to Copenhagen with my, now, wife after two years abroad.

I got married in the summer of 2009 with my Lithuanian sweet heart Gyte.

I work in DONGenergy, it is Denmarks biggest energy company. I work in the oil and gas division with project management and project support. I am an assistant to our project director.

Gyte is studying at Copenhagen Business School and have a year or so to go. When she is not deep into her studies she works as a marketing assistant in Carlsberg. A very cool job, if you ask me.

I just recently moved here from Vilnius, Lithuania, with my Lithuanian girlfriend. I am myself Danish.

Well, we moved here during the summer of 2008 to be able to run our company better and to try out new things. I also missed being in Denmark after 2 years abroad, the food, the culture and so on.

So, the  plan is that we will stay here for a while and then see where things takes us.

I have an educational background as engineer – more accurate a “business development engineer” from Aarhus University. I took a specialty in business development and “intraprenourship” which brought me to the city of Kalmar in Sweden.

Here I studied a MBA in “Growth through Innovation and International Marketing”. It was also here i met Gyte. Gyte was only there for half a year, so we spend a semester apart. I knew, if it had to continue I had to go to Lithuania for engineering internship – and I did not mind a bit more advanture. I took it as fate, whether or not I got a job there.

Luckily I did…

I went to Lithuania for a 6 month internship at INWIDO Denmark – I actually stayed a whole year. The second part of the year I spend with our company, Imaginess, and writing my master thesis about the same company. We moved to Copenhagen and realised that working together in our company was not satisfying our needs in many ways. So we decided to end the company – we transfered it to some young and eager students.

This blog is a about my life and especially about entreprenourship, which is a personal interest that keeps on peeking out. Right now I am working on selling laptop cover skins and skins for iphone covers. We just stated the site in Sweden in selling iphone skins and laptop skins.

Peter Stensgård Hansen