I had a post on my former blog, when I was living in Lithuania on Geert Hofstede’s indices on culture in Lithuania. I see that post is very populair, but unfortunate it was written merely as a joke. Let me provide people who search for the Hofstede Lithuania.

The post resulted in that I got in contact with mr. Maik Huettinger. I think he was a Polish PhD student for Hofstede back in 2007. He had just finished the a research article on cultural dimensions on Lithuania and Latvia versus Sweden. I see that the article has been published and he has become a professor as ISM in Vilnius, congrats.

Professor Maik Huettinger

He corrected the data I had from Hofstede cultural research on Lithuania, which was from the early 90’s. That research was just 100% outdated after the fall of the USSR.

He published an article called “Cultural dimensions in business life: Hofstede’s indices for Latvia and Lithuania“.

If you do not have access to the article on Emerald, I see a Powerpoint with findings is available online here. Otherwise, if you want to know more about Maik’s research, I have his mail and could redirect it to you, if you contact me.

But all you need to know is, as Maik concludes; Baltic people have a Slavonic heart and a Scandinavian head.

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