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A year has passed since my last post – and I feel sorry for it. Back then, I was running a few blogs. But work has been busy. I also got married in the year that has passed to Gyte (website).

I still work at DONGenergy, the biggest energy company in Denmark, in the exploration and production. We do the oil and gas stuff.

It is hard to go from an entreprenour and then to a normal “slave for salary”. I cannot let go, not having an eye on new ideas or innovation possibilities. To satisfy the hunger a bit I took an inspiration lecture on making business plans for this competition. It was mildly satisfying – and yet also tempting. Many of my friends have finished university the passed year and I have talked to them about going solo. But many of them seek the safe life. I do understand, some of them have already children and bought a house and stuff like that. They need the steady income.

In the autumn it got too much and I believed I could start something positioned as an investor – and I think it has been pretty good. One of the graphical designers (Olgerd) from my former company took up the challange and we have started the glorious IC Enterprises. The name is a mix of Icommerce Enterprises, and the playing of sound in I See Enterprises. Pretty smart I thought.

Well, the concept is simple. We built a big range of webshops selling niche products. Our first launch has been . We have been in the air for a good week now. We sell skins for laptops, Iphones and Ipods – well practically anything you can put a skin on.

The system is based on Magento  and I am very pleased with that.

We have started making marketing initiatives – especially advertisment on Facebook and made a Facebook fanpage. Now time has comed for some search engine workout and further down the line we need some cool bloggers to write about our products on coolskins.

 The next goal will be making a webshop for bags with all kind of cool patterns and stuff. Looking forward to it.

So, if you need a skin for your laptop, netbook, iphone or Ipod – you need to go to :-)

I have up to recently been living in Vilnius, Lithuania, and developing my company Imaginess. That was of course not the sole reason for me being there – it was of course because of my Lithuanian fiancée.

We just moved to Copenhagen and continue running the company.

As I was in Lithuania, which is a “emerging market”, I was looking around and considered many business concepts and models that had great success in Denmark and considered if the same success could be gained in this market.

I believe many entrepreneurs and companies have used this tactic – but not always with equal success. It is surely not given, what works in one country also works in another.

There are a few fits that needs to be considered. Some are:

- Culture

- Technology

- Need

- Competitors/substitutions

- Size

An example of a “business transition trap” is the huge market for web shops in Denmark. Everybody buys all kind of stuff online. In Lithuania only a very small percentage have a credit card that can be used to paying online. Often people borrow credit cards to be used.

Many people walk around with debit cards which cannot always be used as payment online. This is a significant risk and challenge for any online business in Lithuania.

Seeing at Lithuania, the biggest general challenge for many West European business models is the size and purchase strength of the businesses and consumers in the country. Only a very limited amount of the 3.5 million people have the money to buy things more than basic needs.

So from this can be learned. Going to an emerging market can be tough. Sometimes the business will have a tough start as the technology and growth (purchase power) emerges. But first mover advantage is always a big strength toward coming competitors. With a long enough horizont, this is mean the difference between failure and succes.

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