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I had a post on my former blog, when I was living in Lithuania on Geert Hofstede’s indices on culture in Lithuania. I see that post is very populair, but unfortunate it was written merely as a joke. Let me provide people who search for the Hofstede Lithuania.

The post resulted in that I got in contact with mr. Maik Huettinger. I think he was a Polish PhD student for Hofstede back in 2007. He had just finished the a research article on cultural dimensions on Lithuania and Latvia versus Sweden. I see that the article has been published and he has become a professor as ISM in Vilnius, congrats.

Professor Maik Huettinger

He corrected the data I had from Hofstede cultural research on Lithuania, which was from the early 90’s. That research was just 100% outdated after the fall of the USSR.

He published an article called “Cultural dimensions in business life: Hofstede’s indices for Latvia and Lithuania“.

If you do not have access to the article on Emerald, I see a Powerpoint with findings is available online here. Otherwise, if you want to know more about Maik’s research, I have his mail and could redirect it to you, if you contact me.

But all you need to know is, as Maik concludes; Baltic people have a Slavonic heart and a Scandinavian head.

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A year has passed since my last post – and I feel sorry for it. Back then, I was running a few blogs. But work has been busy. I also got married in the year that has passed to Gyte (website).

I still work at DONGenergy, the biggest energy company in Denmark, in the exploration and production. We do the oil and gas stuff.

It is hard to go from an entreprenour and then to a normal “slave for salary”. I cannot let go, not having an eye on new ideas or innovation possibilities. To satisfy the hunger a bit I took an inspiration lecture on making business plans for this competition. It was mildly satisfying – and yet also tempting. Many of my friends have finished university the passed year and I have talked to them about going solo. But many of them seek the safe life. I do understand, some of them have already children and bought a house and stuff like that. They need the steady income.

In the autumn it got too much and I believed I could start something positioned as an investor – and I think it has been pretty good. One of the graphical designers (Olgerd) from my former company took up the challange and we have started the glorious IC Enterprises. The name is a mix of Icommerce Enterprises, and the playing of sound in I See Enterprises. Pretty smart I thought.

Well, the concept is simple. We built a big range of webshops selling niche products. Our first launch has been . We have been in the air for a good week now. We sell skins for laptops, Iphones and Ipods – well practically anything you can put a skin on.

The system is based on Magento  and I am very pleased with that.

We have started making marketing initiatives – especially advertisment on Facebook and made a Facebook fanpage. Now time has comed for some search engine workout and further down the line we need some cool bloggers to write about our products on coolskins.

 The next goal will be making a webshop for bags with all kind of cool patterns and stuff. Looking forward to it.

So, if you need a skin for your laptop, netbook, iphone or Ipod – you need to go to :-)

Let’s say it – we are going to face recession.

I remember I saw in Lithuania a CNN program where they were guessing if it would be just a slight setback or recession. People was optimistic – as was I at that moment. For me, it was just some house owners in US having some money problems.

But we are now facing the full strength of recession – maybe the worst in the history of economics. And that makes me think of the fundaments of our society.

The great thinkers of industrialization was liberals and was talking about letting the market forces, demand and supply, control the market. At these times we see companies crippled and in desperate need of help from government to survive. Worst is that the governments come to aid.

I am not particular liberal – but a bank which one year earns billions of Euros and the other year gets government help to survive gives me a wrong impression of the “liberal forces of the marketplace”. I ask these great thinkers to take stand and let these huge corporations fall to the ground.

It is a law of the market. Get too big and you will collapse – nothing is eternal – and the governments are just prolonging the death og e.g. big banks and industrial giants.


Unfortunate it is more than just financial issues – we talk normal people with normal jobs. And these people are the concern of the governments of the free liberal world. With the threat of thousands of unemployed the governments around the world sees it as a cheap cost to send a few trillions out in the market place.


My morale is: The thoeries of the industrial age is no longer valid. Something changed the game rules – and now governments are trying to compensate for this. Is it right to do? Well, the alternative is not appealing.

It proves maybe more that theories of persons like Peter Drucker is more correct. Elements as the purpose of business is to give people persons in life, that companies have a bigger social role than the aim for profit.

I would love to hear or read Peter Druckers own views on this matter.

I better continue the personal posts – they are surely easiest to write. I want to talk a bit about what I do, and why I do it.

On a daily basis I try to run a company. I am co-owner together with 2 partners. It is the company Imaginess design & dtp.

We have been doing this for a year now and I would say we have a steady growth. Our core concept is to outsource graphical design for Danish companies to our Lithuanian company. We started out outsourcing directly to Lithuanian freelancers – but have realized that we need a steady base of work. Meaning full time designers. We have now some nice office spaces in the artsy quarter of Vilnius.


The challenges are many and I can divide them on a internal and external level.

1. Communications: First of all, I and one of my partners live here in Copenhagen. It makes communication internally very difficult. We try through Skype and mail – but hard it is.

2. Competences, ressources and capabilities: Our business strategy is highly based on minimizing risks. This means that we have not invested any money in the company. It also means that growth through economical ressources is going slow. We would do miracles with 10 million Euros.

It also comes to the personal competences. A small company is depending on that everyone has a drive and very broad competences. Designers should be business managers and business managers should be designers. And everyone should be skilled in project management.

So when it comes to big organizational capabilities, it is difficult. I see myself as a good strategist, but it is hard to think strategy in a small company where financing is low and most of the time goes with doing daily stuff.

3. External comes when we face costumers – or potential ones. It is hard work to do B2B – mass marketing does not work. And it makes it even harder when there is a high mistrust to your product from the decision makers.

Outsourcing can be dangerous and many concerns arrise with the client. We try to do what we can to reduce these uncertainties, but it is difficult. Therefor we are preparing to hire an external sales consultant to work for us. We realize that as entreprenours we are not professional sales persons. Our sales corner is not working as effective as it should.

So we hope from 2009 that we can have a highly effective outsources sales corner.

Additionally I have also a few other concepts “in the lake” – but let’s take them another day…

Last week, my small local bank collapsed under the press from the global finance crisis, falling house prices and a building industry in deep problems.

In the wonderful country of Denmark it has been 20 years since we last time used the word crisis. We are not custom to this state and we live in a disbelief and small terror. All the news medias talk about it daily – and all the noise makes more noise.

It is big numbers, big worldwide consequences and internationally concerning – but hardly something the average person should put so much on his mind as he has now.

Loans will be more expensive, unemployment will go up, inflation etc. But it does not change the world for the common Dane.

“One person’s death is another person’s bread”

There are many sayings for bad times – another one is “nothing is as bad, that it is not good for something”. One industry is having good times – as they have had it during all the crisises before now. During times of trouble, people eat chocolate!

It can be hard to believe, but no matter how poor people become there is no reason to not take the wonderful luxury of chocolate. BBC News have investigated the phenomenon and found some interesting conclusions.

Maybe I should consider the chocolate business? !?

See the broadcast from BBC online here (opens in new window)

Hello world!

– and welcome to my new homepage design and layout.

Let me use the first post to write a bit about the purpose of the site here. First of all, it is my personal domain and therefor my personal site. The purpose is partly to present me and partly for me to express and debate my views on current business, management and marketing topics.

If you want to know more about me, then please go up in the menu and select the area of your interest.

I have an educational background as business development engineer from Aarhus University in Denmark and I have a MBA in innovation and international marketing from Baltic Business School in Kalmar, Sweden. So, this is my acedemical background. On top of this, I have a strong personal interest in marketing and business management theories.

So this blog will present some old theory known from people like Porter, Kottler, Hammel to name a few. I will attempt to keep most of the references used correct and to the respect and honour of the author.

My final hope for the blog and my writing is, that someone will read it – and enjoy my perspectives – and comment on my articles, wrong or right.

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