Last week, my small local bank collapsed under the press from the global finance crisis, falling house prices and a building industry in deep problems.

In the wonderful country of Denmark it has been 20 years since we last time used the word crisis. We are not custom to this state and we live in a disbelief and small terror. All the news medias talk about it daily – and all the noise makes more noise.

It is big numbers, big worldwide consequences and internationally concerning – but hardly something the average person should put so much on his mind as he has now.

Loans will be more expensive, unemployment will go up, inflation etc. But it does not change the world for the common Dane.

“One person’s death is another person’s bread”

There are many sayings for bad times – another one is “nothing is as bad, that it is not good for something”. One industry is having good times – as they have had it during all the crisises before now. During times of trouble, people eat chocolate!

It can be hard to believe, but no matter how poor people become there is no reason to not take the wonderful luxury of chocolate. BBC News have investigated the phenomenon and found some interesting conclusions.

Maybe I should consider the chocolate business? !?

See the broadcast from BBC online here (opens in new window)