Yesterday I went to the cinema and saw “The Shock Doctrine”, a movie based on a book by Naomi Klein. It was shown in a cinema called Vester Vov Vov, which is a ciname in Copenhagen showing all these non-main stream movies and documentaries. Well, seeing “The Shock Doctrine” was a bit of a shock!
The movie or documentary is a walk through from the second world war and up to the current crisis – and investigates especially Milton Friedman’s impact on modern views on democracy and free market powers.
It shows how American interests were protected in South America through turning legal governments into military dictatorships under the advice of the CIA and Friedman. Friedman’s ideas are that a total free market will regulate itself and will be the path to freedom and democracy. You know what happened in Chile with Pinnochet at the power – it did not go well. Same for Argentina and other South American states.
Friedman’s theories also had a big impact on Britians government under M. Thatcher.

Well, with Obama as president my attitude toward the US had been improved – but seeing such movie is a reminder, that the wolf is still guarding the sheeps.