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The start of the year also brought in a lot of other new things than just a 9 instead of a 8.

Ignoring the more personal things, I started in my new job at DONG Energy. DONG Energy is the biggest energy producer in Denmark and is a company in rapid growth.

I am placed as project coordinator in the Exploration & Production division. More accurate, I am placed in Project Support under Technology & Operation Services.

I have been here a short time and have quickly gained insight in the complexity of big scale project management. One of my key responsibilities is to develop and implement a new project model for the organisation – a job I initially thought as easy.

But I must admit it is a complex size. Not because the work as such is difficult, for start I assist one of our skilled consultants, but I see the complex of organizational and stakeholder politics and interests. Gaining broad ownership for such a big project and key project is very difficult. Making so many people work in the sam direction would not be possible without top management backing and outstading diplomatic skills.

You should choose you battles with great concern and focus on compromises.

People might ask, what about imaginess, my own company?

Well, we have set a path to sell it on to new owners that will further explore the potential. We hope to make the official transfer during next month. But that also comes with a range of difficulties. Transfering clients is not a problem, but the extensive knowledge that comes with the business is more difficult. You can write pages after pages about the details of the market, technology and so on – but you will never get it all.

So, our only option is to do it as good as possible and stay by as board members to give advice and guidance.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a happy and fortunate New Year.

I better continue the personal posts – they are surely easiest to write. I want to talk a bit about what I do, and why I do it.

On a daily basis I try to run a company. I am co-owner together with 2 partners. It is the company Imaginess design & dtp.

We have been doing this for a year now and I would say we have a steady growth. Our core concept is to outsource graphical design for Danish companies to our Lithuanian company. We started out outsourcing directly to Lithuanian freelancers – but have realized that we need a steady base of work. Meaning full time designers. We have now some nice office spaces in the artsy quarter of Vilnius.


The challenges are many and I can divide them on a internal and external level.

1. Communications: First of all, I and one of my partners live here in Copenhagen. It makes communication internally very difficult. We try through Skype and mail – but hard it is.

2. Competences, ressources and capabilities: Our business strategy is highly based on minimizing risks. This means that we have not invested any money in the company. It also means that growth through economical ressources is going slow. We would do miracles with 10 million Euros.

It also comes to the personal competences. A small company is depending on that everyone has a drive and very broad competences. Designers should be business managers and business managers should be designers. And everyone should be skilled in project management.

So when it comes to big organizational capabilities, it is difficult. I see myself as a good strategist, but it is hard to think strategy in a small company where financing is low and most of the time goes with doing daily stuff.

3. External comes when we face costumers – or potential ones. It is hard work to do B2B – mass marketing does not work. And it makes it even harder when there is a high mistrust to your product from the decision makers.

Outsourcing can be dangerous and many concerns arrise with the client. We try to do what we can to reduce these uncertainties, but it is difficult. Therefor we are preparing to hire an external sales consultant to work for us. We realize that as entreprenours we are not professional sales persons. Our sales corner is not working as effective as it should.

So we hope from 2009 that we can have a highly effective outsources sales corner.

Additionally I have also a few other concepts “in the lake” – but let’s take them another day…

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