…you will ever ask your organization.

The title comes from a book I bought in London in December. It is a book by Peter Drucker with some of the worlds top thinkers within management, e.g. Jim Collins and Philip Kotler. I have read a few of Druckers books already and this book will be the next in line.

The book comes from Leader to Leader institute, which is an institute focusing on leadership in the social sector a.k.a. non-profit organizations. But I believe a lot of the content and questions this book raises are surely also relevant for normal profit seeking organizations.

As I have read the introduction, I understand that it is a re-print or 2. edition from a book with same title published in the 90’s.

The Five Most Important Questions are (according to Peter Drucker) these:

1. What is our mission

2. Who is our customers

3. What does the customer value

4. What are our results

5. What is our plan

Just initially looking at the questions, I understand that is was the same questions we were struggling to answer when we had our own company. They seem simple and writing a marketing plan is also straight forward. But going just a bit under the surface you understand the complexity in the questions and how they lead to other important questions that are crucial for your business.

I will try to read the book and give some short answers and views on each question in Peter Drucker’s book The Five Most Important Questions.