– and welcome to my new homepage design and layout.

Let me use the first post to write a bit about the purpose of the site here. First of all, it is my personal domain and therefor my personal site. The purpose is partly to present me and partly for me to express and debate my views on current business, management and marketing topics.

If you want to know more about me, then please go up in the menu and select the area of your interest.

I have an educational background as business development engineer from Aarhus University in Denmark and I have a MBA in innovation and international marketing from Baltic Business School in Kalmar, Sweden. So, this is my acedemical background. On top of this, I have a strong personal interest in marketing and business management theories.

So this blog will present some old theory known from people like Porter, Kottler, Hammel to name a few. I will attempt to keep most of the references used correct and to the respect and honour of the author.

My final hope for the blog and my writing is, that someone will read it – and enjoy my perspectives – and comment on my articles, wrong or right.